Bali, just off the eastern tip of Java, is easily the best known of the 17,000-odd islands that make up Indonesia - the world's largest archipelago. This tropical, volcanic island offers beautiful beaches and scenic landscapes of terraced hills, together with cultural attractions, all kinds of water and land-based activities and a number of top-quality hotels to choose from on your Bali holidays. Soaking up Bali’s strong spiritual culture is also a must as you pass by colourful flower offerings and enjoy visits to tranquil temples (there are an estimated 10,000 in total on the island). Acquaint
yourself with the island’s iconic flavours as you savour sate lilit (coconut flavoured meat skewer) and babi guling (roasted pork) and for something sweet, tuck into a refreshing mangosteen fruit.

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We absolutely had a great time on our trip. The staff at Papua Paradise were absolutely top notch - everyone from the kitchen staff, to the bartender, to the front desk folks knew our names from day one. They absolutely went out of their way to make sure our stay there was very memorable. Your trip planning was spot on. We had folks waiting for us at every stop, which made everything almost too easy. You have our vote, and we'll definitely be planning our next major dive trip through you!
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