Argentina draws you in with its beautiful and diverse landscapes of tropical flora and fauna, fertile plains, dazzling white glaciers and colourful cities. Not to mention the fabulous cuisine and friendly people. Pretty much all Argentina holidays should start in Buenos Aires, and that means mornings spent wandering the Belle Époque streets that may resemble those of European cities but feel totally different - and long nights spent drifting between bars and milongas, shrines to the sophisticated and seductive art form of tango. City exploration doesn’t have to end in the capital though; for an added dose of culture,
travel to the colonial core of Salta, the wine region surrounding Mendoza or the gaucho-country around Cordoba. And then there’s beef: great chunks of it. Bife de Lomo is tender and salty and instantly addictive; while mate, the national drink, is more of an acquired taste (the wine, on the other hand, is sure to be a crowd-pleaser among oenophiles). No Argentina holiday is complete without taking in the sheer variety and beauty of the country’s natural landscapes. Discover the mighty Iguazu Falls in the north, the vast pampas in the centre, or Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego further south, where you can take in the everything from sparkling lakes and vast glaciers to snow-dusted mountains and endless grasslands.

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Our Argentine experience was great, thank you for all your hard work. Buenos Aires was an amazing city, we had a wonderful guide and the Tango, I know a bit of a tourist trap, but it was terrific. We were most impressed by the level of professionalism. Both hotels were perfect. Glacier was also simply perfect.
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