It's hard not to get excited about a region that always looks good… even on a bad day. We’re talking, mind-blowingly beautiful beaches for days of unapologetic beachside R&R; where you can grab a snorkel and float just metres offshore with technicolour fish, stopping by ocean-to-table fixtures as the sun sets. There are hulking mountains and islands that look like a Bond villain’s hideaway – with dreamy lagoons and dramatic caves; thunderous waterfalls and under-the-radar volcanoes. Oceania is truly spectacular. And then there’s the whole pretty package of Australia – cities, wildlife, culinary credentials and all. Australia and Oceania holidays could also take you to New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Vanuatu and New Zealand, whose rich cultural tapestry is kept alive by the Maori, Melanesian and Polynesian locals.