There’s no getting away from it: times are tough, and our collective purchasing power has taken a hit. In such a fraught economic climate can one really justify travel? We passionately believe so. If two years of pandemic-induced travel restrictions have taught us anything, it’s that a need to explore our planet remains a non-negotiable. It’s worth remembering that travel can have a hugely positive impact on both visitor and destination. There’s the obvious emotional benefit to you, the traveller, but also the key financial benefit to the communities you visit, making travel one of life’s great win-wins. The question remains: how do I continue to enjoy experiential, enlightening and eco-friendly (thanks to our carbon absorption pledge and more) travel, but on a tighter budget? Read on for our clever ways to make your money travel further.

It’s Time for Tailor-made Travel

The beauty of tailor-made travel is that you can mix and match. Splurge on a five-star hotel one day and take a cheap (but charming) local train the next. We work with thousands of hotels and lodges around the world from glitzy grande dames to mountain refuges with dormitory accommodation and everything in between, and can book modes of transport from boats to bicycles so you can build a trip to fit your exact budget and desires. There’s sometimes a misconception that booking with a tailor-made tour operator can be expensive. Not true. Yes, we’ve organised more than our fair share of multi-continent hopping, multi-months long sabbaticals, but we also regularly book wondrous weekend breaks in Europe, too. Your trip, your budget, and we always aim to create an itinerary to match. Then there are the intangibles, the ‘surround sound’ and warm embrace of advice, help and assistance that you enjoy as standard when you book with us. We never surcharge, we lock in exchange rates and we’ve generally got your back 24/7, and can amend and adapt your trip both before and during your stay, saving you both time and money.

Travel Hacks

Tailoring travel is one way to make your money travel further, but our region-specific experts and wider team of Concierges and suppliers around the world also know the canniest travel hacks – those clever little workarounds that reduce costs but not your enjoyment of a destination. We’ve already mentioned train travel, but we know all the tricks of the travel trade, too, such as travelling in shoulder seasons, visiting countries with favourable exchange rates, sticking with short haul, making ‘accompromises’ (choosing less salubrious but still very decent accommodation in order to enjoy other experiences) and other clever little industry insights. Your consultant and Concierge will always have value and maximum enjoyment front of mind.

Original Destinations

The clue’s in our name. We always aim to seek out and savour the original, be that entirely new and below-the-radar destinations; or the secret spots in the old classics that have somehow avoided the crowds and concurrent price hikes. Book with Original Travel for original takes on well-known haunts; original countries that aren’t all over Instagram; and generally, a refreshingly original take on travel, full stop.

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