Sailing boats, catamarans, gulets, superyachts, dahabiehs, icebreakers or even cargo ships; whether you’re just quietly contemplating a cruise, or you're ready to set sail tomorrow, our cruise holidays are a truly memorable way to see our world from the water. Our cruises always involve charming vessels (OK, maybe not the cargo ships); professional, hospitable crews; and everything you could wish for onboard, whether you're on an exclusive expedition on the Amazon, an island hopping voyage in the Galapagos, a private cruise up the Nile or a night on a rice barge into the Mekong Delta. Gather your fellow passengers and prepare to cast off!

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This is the first time we went on a trip with Original Travel, a specialist advisor who listens to our expectations, and really the feeling of being pampered from departure to arrival. The concierge service is so efficient that we quickly become addicted.

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