Thousands of years of history await your arrival in Luxor, one of the ancient world’s most prolific capital cities. Said to be one of the greatest open-air museums, it’s situated at the side of the Nile and contains much more than just shadows of the past – history here is on an unbelievable scale, with touchable relics from long-gone civilisations and some of the country’s most captivating temples to feast your eyes on. Formerly the ancient city of Thebes, the historic sites are practically stacked up and your biggest challenge will be fitting them all in during one trip. Head to Luxor Temple in
the centre of town after the sun goes down and take your time wandering through the Avenue of Sphinxes then marvel at the remarkable structure lit up before you. Across the Nile, wander into the depths of the Valley of the Kings, a necropolis on a grand scale; or go to Luxor Museum to see the well-curated treasures on display, including its two mummies. If history fatigue sets in during your Luxor holidays, disappear into the city’s souks for a day and reappear with a bag full of souvenirs, exotic fruits and a local’s skill for haggling, or take to the Nile for lunch on a felucca (a traditional wooden boat).

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