Magnificent and moving, the Philae Temple Complex - located near the Aswan Dam - is one of the country’s most interesting and impressive ancient sites. Originally located on Philae Island, after rising waters caused by the construction of two gigantic dams threatened its future, a rescue project led by UNESCO was launched and stone by stone it was dismantled and rebuilt on nearby Aguilkia Island. Today, it continues to dazzle visitors as it has for centuries. Arrive by boat and its graceful architecture will gradually reveal itself to you; the scale of restoration is hard to believe, much like the
history attached to this most ancient of sites. Dedicated to the goddess of Isis - one of ancient Egypt's most important figures - the Temple of Isis is the complex’s star attraction and to see it at its finest, visit in the evening when it is lit up for a sensational sound and light show. During your Phila Temple Complex holidays, take the time to walk amid its columns and learn about its ancient significance for the chance to really get under the skin of Egypt’s fascinating past.

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Philae Temple Complex Guide

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