Take a trip to Egypt and it’s inevitable you’ll feel the lure of the country’s most famous and well-trodden ancient sites, The Valley of the Kings. Lying on the west bank of the Nile opposite the ancient city of Thebes (now Luxor), it’s at the centre of an arid, barren stretch of desert dominated by the peaks of the El-Qurn. Its grandiose name hints at the wonders to behold during a visit to the 62 tombs of the pharaohs, dignitaries and most important members of the Egyptian civilisation who lie there. Dubbed the ‘gateway to the afterlife’, a visit here allows you to travel back in time as you pass
walls covered in magnificent murals and ancient hieroglyphs. The most notable inhabitant of all is Tutankhamun whose tomb was famously discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter (the first to be found almost entirely undisturbed). Visit the shrine of the legendary boy king to get a true sense of Egypt's dark mystery and return from your Valley of the Kings holidays with a head full of history.

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