While some countries spend a fortune coming up with fancy marketing campaigns, the UK's is right there in the name. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (to give it its full title) may not be great in terms of size, but this diminutive collection of islands anchored off the west coast of Europe most certainly punches above its weight in terms of attractions to enjoy on a luxury holiday. With the benefit of local knowledge, Original Travel is developing a network of superb suggested (and completely tailor-made) UK holidays itineraries around the British Isles, starting with the capital and cultural hub, London.
Further afield, narrowing down what's on offer to a list of highlights is mighty difficult, but any visit of more than a few days should consider including the majestic Scottish Highlands, some quintessential English rural scenes, the mysterious Neolithic ruins of Stonehenge and the Georgian elegance of Edinburgh or Bath. Chuck in some Roman ruins, an ancient cathedral or castle or two, a monument to Britain's industrial heritage and one of the many sporting highlights of 'the season' and there's a luxury holiday as diverse as you could wish for to any country, anywhere. Great, indeed.

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Our Original Travel trip to London, Edinburgh and Dublin was wonderful. The drivers and guides were courteous, knowledgeable and exceeded our expectations. The highlights of our trip were the guided tour of the British Museum and attending an Arsenal football match.
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