If Albania were a person, it would be a teenager who has suddenly realised their parents are, in fact, quite cool. Long hidden from the European lineup of Greece, Italy and Spain – thanks to a bizarre brand of atheist communism that saw the country entirely cut off from the rest of the world – Albania is now making up for lost time. From Berat’s beautifully preserved Ottoman-era hillside houses to the unspoilt sands of the Albanian Riviera and UNESCO-listed Butrint Archaeological Park that packs a punch in Balkan history, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice on where to start on Albania holidays.
Fortunately, thanks to the under-four-hour direct flight from all UK airports to Tirana, Albania’s capital, it’s made for you. Root your day around the central Blloku area, once off-limits to all but Party members during Communist times, now flirting wildly with trendy hipsters and cutting-edge culinary culture. Or, head further afield to the Ksamil Islands, Albania’s answer to the Maldives, which are surrounded by inviting, crystal-clear waters. And if you want to combine Albania holidays with Grecian ones, it’s just a one-and-a-half hour ferry from the sunny city of Sarandë to Corfu. Back in northern Albania, it’s all about alpine peaks. Offering scenes redolent to the Dolomites, the Accursed Mountains (don’t think anything of the name) are the epitome of a hidden gem. On just a day-long hike, you can find yourself stomping along sinuous paths over jagged karst peaks to Albania’s prettiest village, Theth, where lunch will be waiting amid mountain meadows. Sold? We think so.

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Original Travel were very professional and knew how to adapt the itinerary according to our interests. The staff were very attentive and it was a very well organised trip, with a well-balanced, well-prepared itinerary, lovely destinations and well-chosen hotels. Our specialist advisor knew the country well and the concierge in Albania was always there to help. The experiences (guided tours, excursions) were always up to our expectations and we will always remember this trip fondly. Albania is a perfect destination for a truly original cultural trip.
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