Think of Albania and you probably think tower blocks and communist dictatorship; that is if you can conjure up any ideas about this historically-isolated country at all. Albania may have been politically allied to Russia for decades but the reality today is that it has much more in common with its southern European neighbours, namely Greece and Italy. Albania's dramatic landscapes, great food and friendly people make it a great holiday destination for the more intrepid traveller.

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Original Travel were very professional and knew how to adapt the itinerary according to our interests. The staff were very attentive and it was a very well organised trip, with a well-balanced, well-prepared itinerary, lovely destinations and well-chosen hotels. Our specialist advisor knew the country well and the concierge in Albania was always there to help. The experiences (guided tours, excursions) were always up to our expectations and we will always remember this trip fondly. Albania is a perfect destination for a truly original cultural trip.
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