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All of our experts have either travelled extensively in, lived and worked in, or grown up in the destinations they sell. Our team of 34 speak 24 languages collectively, have lived or worked in 57 countries and have helped our clients discover 112 countries... so far.

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True Specialists

We know our destinations incredibly well; our team of consultants have all travelled extensively within their specialist regions (on both annual research trips and holidays) and are perfectly placed to help you plan a holiday filled with authentic experiences, from cultural exploration to wildlife encounters and adrenaline-inducing adventures. Our expert team takes pride in their thoughtful approach to planning your holiday. We find out what might make it extra special, then sprinkle in our own special little touches (possibly even a surprise to enjoy while you're away) to help create your dream holiday.

Our travel specialists

Myanmar Specialist

What do you love most about Myanmar? 
The locals are so genuine and pleased to see people exploring their country that they make you feel incredibly welcome. I love the scenery, from the temple-filled landscape in Bagan to the mountains reflecting on Inle Lake; it is jaw-droppingly beautiful and still feels authentic. There are so many places that I have been to which feel like tourism is a well-oiled machine and I like that Myanmar is still a little rough around the edges. 

Sri Lanka Specialist

Why do you love Sri Lanka? 
Where to start!? Such friendly people, delicious food, lovely tropical climate and amazing boutique hotels oozing character and charm. The thing I love the most is that there is something for everyone and such a variety of things to do and see within a relatively small island.

When did you first visit Sri Lanka and what was your first experience like? 
I first went in my late teens, taking colourful local buses playing Sinhalese music and sleeping in friendly hostels. My trips have upgraded a little since then but the charm still remains!

Iceland Specialist

What do you love most about Iceland? 
The dramatic scenery and the sheer emptiness of the place.

When did you first visit Iceland and what was your first impression?
It felt like I was landing on the moon! It was really early in the morning as our plane was landing and as I looked out of the window slightly bleary eyed and half asleep, I saw steam rising from a bright blue lagoon in a crater-like landscape. It’s unlike anywhere else.

USA Specialist

Why do you love the USA so much? 
It’s big with so much on offer, but importantly the culture is not the same throughout the country. The US is more like several smaller countries tied together; the laid-back lifestyle of the west is completely different to the frenzied east coast cities; throw in conservative small towns, amazing music cities plus a huge number of national parks and America is great for exploring, especially on road trips.

Mexico Specialist

Why do you love Mexico so much?
Mexico has so much to offer to virtually every type of traveller. Bustling metropolises, a rich and varied history, powder white beaches, steamy jungles and world-famous food. As I have a Mexican wife, I would have to say that I love the people the most. They are warm and welcoming, fun and friendly and they love to show you a good time.

Portugal Specialist

What do you love most about Portugal?
I love how much diversity there is in the country. From the quaint cobbled streets of Lisbon to the beautiful beaches in the Algarve, to the expansive scenery in the Azores Islands – there is something for everyone.

When did you first visit Portugal and what was your first impression?
I first visited Portugal for my study abroad period which I did in Lisbon. My first impression was how laidback the city felt and how friendly the people were – not to mention how delicious the food was!