We are a UK-based tour operator with specialist knowledge in destinations across the world, including Colombia. Emerging from decades of turbulence, Colombia is a country reborn and it’s fast becoming one of Latin America’s hottest holiday destinations. There’s a wild magic about Colombia that casts a spell on all who visit – our travel specialists have worked and holidayed there for many years and have an unrivalled passion for the country. Our trips will help you dig deeper into Colombia than you’d ever imagine – we’ve trekked through many of the country’s thick tropical rainforests, eaten some of the best street food the country has to offer, stayed in tents out in the wild and luxurious hotels in the heart of the city – our expert team have an unbeatable knowledge of the region, so they can help you create a bespoke itinerary that ticks all your travel boxes. Roam capital city Bogota’s mesmerising colonial streets; discover a world of coffee culture in beautiful mountain villages and taste some of the best brews of your life; clink beers with locals in the salsa bars of Medellín; trek the Andes in search of enlightenment; discover lost cities in overflowing jungles; and relax beneath the swaying palms of the country’s idyllic beaches. Head to Colombia’s Barranquilla Carnival – it’s second only to Rio’s in scale, but it’s relatively unknown, so there are less tourists to jostle next to and many argue it’s even better than Brazil’s. A melting pot of cultural influences, dancers claim the streets for themselves during the carnival and the rainbow-bright parade of costumes, floats and music is a wonderous spectacle to behold. Our aim is to exceed all your expectations for a Colombia holiday and we’re committed to doing just that.

Colombia Holiday Ideas

A few suggestions to get the holiday planning process started