Colombia at a glance

Colombia is one of South America's best-kept secrets and luckily is just beginning to appeal to visitors. Our Colombia travel guide is designed to give a broad overview of travelling here. If you follow a route from north to south, here are some places to see: in the north, Cartagena and Mompox, and at the very top of the Caribbean coast, the Guajira Peninsula, home to the famous Wayuu people (Guajiros in Spanish) – a Native American ethnic group of fishermen and weavers – who have preserved their ancestral way of life. Their population is concentrated primarily in the Central Andean region. Here, discover the most beautiful colonial towns, the Cueva de los Guacharos National Natural Park and the spectacular mountain range of Sierra Nevada del Cocuy.
Located on the Orinoco River and nestled in the mountains, El Tuparro National Natural Park boasts crystal clear streams, wide rivers with golden beaches, native burial sites with ancient symbols and drawings and lush forests, home to monkeys, pumas and birds galore. Off the Pacific coast, the islands of Gorgona and Gorgonilla are a safe haven for countless caimans, sea turtles and dolphins and in August, whales even make an appearance. The mythical Amazon is a reservoir of biodiversity, with macaws, monkeys, sloths and coatis in luscious vegetation. Before you go, check out our Colombia travel guide.
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