Things to do in Bogota


A Graffiti Tour

Discover Bogota's renaissance on a walking tour of its booming urban art scene. Hit the streets in neighbourhoods like La Candelaria, where you can see walls decked in graffiti. Your guide will point out the works of globally-renowned street artists that bloom all over the city. You may be pleased to know that a portion of the cost of the tour will be reinvested in community art projects.


Markets & Monserrate

Start the day at the Paloquemao market, the largest in Bogota, to see fresh fruit and exotic vegetables stacked high. Afterwards, hop on a cable car up the steep Mount Monserrate where the city views from the summit - just over 10,000ft above sea level - are spectacular. Adjust to the heights before meandering through the market for a spot of souvenir shopping.


White-Water Rafting

An hour drive out of the city takes you into the lush mountains to the banks of the Rio Negro. Your expert guide will help you get to grips with all the rafting gear. After a safety brief, step into the inflatable raft and career down 7km of rushing river where you'll enjoy quiet moments lapping up rural scenery interspersed with plunging through grade three rapids at a thrilling pace.


Things to do in Cartagena


Rum & Cocktail Tasting

Experience Colombia's good life on a rum and chocolate tasting. Pull up a stool in one of the city's coolest watering holes and sip through the surprising spectrum of rum varieties ranging from four to 27 years old. Watch mixologists whip up cocktails, shooters and delicious infusions. Pair this with artisanal chocolate, made from prize-winning cacao - some of the most delicious in the world.


Island Hopping

Take a day trip to the Rosarios, a coral archipelago of 23 islands caressed by aquamarine sea. It's an hour speedboat ride from Cartagena to its rich ecosystem boasting colourful coral gardens, mangroves and dazzling beaches. Stop to snorkel off the protected reef to see shoals of exotic fish, sea turtles and even a dolphin or two, plus you'll have plenty of time to relax on the hot white sand.


Visit San Basilio de Palenque

Head into the hills, to the indigenous village of San Basilio de Palenque, the first 'free town' for African slaves in the Americas. This UNESCO-recognised village brims with Afro-Colombian history which you can unravel with an expert guide. Here you'll witness traditional dancing and rituals as well as its unique language, Palenquero.


Things to do in Santa Marta & Tayrona


Lost City Trek

Over the course of four, five or six days, trek through the jungle and mountains of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to the Ciudad Perdida, or Lost City, which dates back to 800 AD. This trek is only advisable for physically fit adventurers as it involves walking through thick forest carrying all your belongings yourself. Along the way, stop for cooling swims in the river and visit Kogui indigenous villages.


City Tour of Santa Marta

Discover the oldest colonial city in the continental Americas on a city tour of Santa Marta. Wander through the historic colonial centre, which is going through something of a transformation, and visit the pretty white cathedral and impressive Gold Museum. Wander along the beaches while enjoying views of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, which act as a spectacular backdrop to this city.


Explore Tayrona National Park

We can organise guided tours and treks through the 37,000-acre Tayrona National Park, which sits on the edge of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest coastal mountain range in the world. Explore the palm tree-lined golden sand beaches, where you can look out at the Caribbean Sea on one side or head in land to discover the lush rainforest on the other.


Things to do in The Coffee Triangle


Coffee Tour

A tour of the Coffee Region is a great way to not only learn about Colombia's coffee making past, which is so intertwined with the nation's heritage, but also its production today; watch the process from bean to cup and taste the finished product. Not only does the coffee taste incredible, but the views of the rolling green hills and coffee plantations provide a spectacular backdrop.



For something a bit different and slightly more adventurous we can arrange amazing zip-lining experiences in this UNESCO World Heritage listed area. Enjoy a bird's eye view of the region's beautiful landscape as you fly from point to point on a zip-line over various coffee plantations.


Visit the Town of Filandia

Take a day trip into the Cocora Valley and visit the colourful town of Filandia, which many people describe as the 'real' Colombia. Explore the colourful town with its brightly painted houses and traditional town square, which hasn't changed in appearance or character in decades. While here, meet with local artisans such as coffee shop owners and basket weavers, and purchase traditional crafts.


The Best of Colombia

As part of your holiday to Colombia, learn about the country’s history of coffee production with a trip to any number of its impressive plantations, or enjoy the wild beauty of the country’s landscapes with a trip to Tayrona National Park. Read on to discover more of our favourite things to do in Colombia…


Visit a Coffee Region and Hacienda

Colombia is a world-renowned coffee exporter and it's an important part of the country's heritage and national identity. A tour of the coffee region is a great way to not only learn about Colombia's coffee-making history but also how local producers create the finished product from bean to cup in present day. Enjoy a cup of delicious freshly make coffee while taking in the stunning rural scenery.

The process from plant to pot is fascinating, from the beginning stages of picking the beans, to cleaning and drying, and then packing them up. In theory this sounds like a walk in the park, however it is a fairly long and meticulous process, mainly carried out by hand.

One hacienda that produces delicious Colombian coffee is Hacienda Vencia near Manizales. Generations of families have worked here, and continue to do so, and give fascinating insights into the world of coffee making. We can arrange tours that give visitors a history of coffee and the region, and a chance to do plenty of sampling of course.

The landscape and climate are primarily responsible for the quality of coffee that remains Colombia's biggest export, and is spectacular. Visitors come to this region simply to bask in the beauty of the rolling hills of Colombia's Coffee Triangle, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Bogota Street Art Tour

Colombia is enjoying something of an artistic renaissance, most evident in the street art that covers Bogota. Since street art was decriminalised in 2011, Bogota has played host to artists from around the globe wanting to make their mark on the city. A guided tour is the best way to fully appreciate this open-air gallery and learn about the impact that the art has had on the local community.


Explore Tayrona National Park

Located at the edge of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountain range, on the stunning Caribbean coastline, is 35 miles of picturesque palm-fringed beaches. Explore the national park along the numerous walking trails linking various beaches and bays together, and relax on the beach soaking up the scenery and spotting plentiful local wildlife.

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