Nestled in the magnificent Andes Mountains lies the Cocora Valley, a steep, narrow canyon surrounded by lush, green mountains and towering wax palm trees - the tallest palm trees in the world. Here, you can witness an abundance of these giants standing tall over the foggy valley, creating a truly mystical atmosphere. It’s hard to believe that you’re only a few hours away from the bustling city of Medellín! Begin your journey to this spectacular landscape in one of the quaint villages nearby. There’s Filandia, with its charming town square and brightly painted houses or Salento, with its buzzing historical centre.
As you make your way deep into the Cocora Valley, the route is full of surprises, with small villages filled with traditional houses and mind-blowing views at every turn. Meander through the mountain range and meadows as hundreds of colourful hummingbirds’ flitter past you and don’t miss a trip to Colombia’s Coffee Triangle, for a well-deserved coffee break and the chance to learn about the country’s traditional coffee-making process from bean selection to roasting.

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