We are a UK-based tour operator with specialist knowledge in destinations across the world, including Canada. Our Canadian travel team live and breathe all things Canada and their knowledge of the world’s second biggest country is tough to beat. Whether it’s your first time discovering this beautiful part of the world or you’re already familiar with the magic of Canada, our knowledge, tips and advice mean no stone is left unturned when putting together your dream holiday itinerary. The accommodation, experiences and excursions booked with us are always hand-picked and first class – forget matching expectations, our goal is to always exceed them and, in a place as awe-inspiring as Canada, it’s often easier than you think. Everything is bigger, better, bolder in Canada. A country that’s 18 times the size of France, it’s as if nature saw the scale of opportunity ahead and supersized everything to match; the sheer width of rivers, size of forests, volume of lakes – Canada does nothing by halves. Feel tiny next to towering forests and epic mountain ranges and put the world into perspective as you stand at the top of luscious landscapes that roll as far as the eye can see. On land, you can flush out moose, bison and beavers and at sea, encounter whales, dolphins and seals. The notion of infinity feels more real in the colossal landscapes of Canada than anywhere else. Let us help you plan the adventure of a lifetime and we promise you you’ll never look back.

Canada Holiday Ideas

A few suggestions to get the holiday planning process started