We are a UK-based tour operator with specialist knowledge in destinations across the world, including Bhutan. We’re passionate about providing holidays that are tailor-made and completely bespoke to you, which is why we never sell trips to destinations we haven’t been to, explored and got under the skin of. The magical and mysterious Kingdom of Bhutan is one of those destinations and we can guide you in planning every aspect of a trip to this incredible country, a land of Buddhism and temples, the Himalayas and a bountiful, forested landscape, sandwiched between India and the Tibetan Plateau. A formerly isolated nation, there’s an untouched, wild beauty about Bhutan and its ancient traditions and monasteries offer a fascinating window to the past. A holiday here is much more than just a holiday - it’s an emersion into a culture that values peace, serenity and joy above all else. You’ll find monks in mountain temples sharing age-old tales, red pandas, leopards and tigers darting from view in the country’s national parks, Buddhist shrines that dot snow-capped mountains and hang off craggy cliffs and an explosion of colour, dance and music during Bhutan’s iconic Tshechu festival. Our Bhutan travel experts are a mine of tips, knowledge and advice on the country and having such a well of information at our disposal means we can create you an itinerary for your trip that’s completely bespoke. Bhutanese measure their success based on Gross National Happiness rather than wealth and after a holiday to this intriguing, captivating land, we’re sure your happiness rating will be through the roof.