We are a UK-based tour operator with specialist knowledge in destinations across the world, including Cuba. For a journey of the senses, there’s nowhere in the world quite like Cuba. It’s a destination defined by the rhythms of Cuban music, the result of centuries of experimentation and cultural integration, from the maracas of natives to the religious songs of Spanish settlers and all those who have come before and after, there’s no doubt the intense beats that float in the streets are catching. No experience, excursion, hotel or restaurant is off limits for your Cuban holiday – learn to dance Cuban-style with expert teachers, eat the best lobster in Santiago, stroll around the pastel streets of Havana and soak in the wonderful atmosphere as you listen to the beep-beeps of Cadillacs, dive in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and visit tobacco plantations in misty hills – our travel team will listen to every holiday whim and desire you have and it’s their job to turn each and every one into a reality. Stay where you want, see what you desire and fill your days with the things that thrill you, all with the expert knowledge and guidance from our team, who will work with you to include everything you’ve ever dreamed off (and even a few things you haven’t), to craft a bespoke holiday to top all other holidays. With beautiful, exhilarating, one-of-a-kind Cuba as the backdrop for your trip, it’s an easy task to create a trip that will leave you wanting more.