The Nile. The mighty and mysterious river that allowed the flourishing of one of the greatest civilizations ever. Snaking through the entire length of Egypt and into Sudan, Egypt cruises along the Nile are a must for anybody visiting this ancient and historic country. Cruise between Luxor and Aswan to experience Egypt from an alternative perspective, and uncover the country’s many secrets as you stop off at numerous awe-inspiring archaeological sites built along the river such as Philae, Kom Ombo, Edfu and Karnak. Hop aboard the incredible Steam Ship Sudan - the last steamer still in navigation,
that inspired Agatha Christie’s iconic novel - for a truly luxurious and unique journey.

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We had a lot of helpful guidance for a trip to a country we had never visited. It was the SS Sudan that was the reason for the trip and Egypt was incidental! The ship certainly has the WOW Factor. However, of course, Egypt’s Tombs and Temples are magnificent and Mustafa, our guide, made them come to life. Fatma was great at the Nubian Museum too and we got a good sense of Nubian life from her having lived in a Nubian village all her life. Ahmed at Luxor was a delight and a surprise to see at the Passport Control and looked after us well until we alighted the SS Sudan. Mina at Aswan went above and beyond. Even arranged a boat and escorted us to our Apertif treat at the Cataract Hotel and got us a boat to get back to the hotel. Our consultant was Lucy and we had great faith in her, she did a good job. The highlight, of course, was SS Sudan. A breathtaking ship. All crew, food, half days spent reading on the ship. Everything happened like clockwork, we never had to wait or wonder what was happening. I loved the early morning starts driving through country villages waking up and seeing the children going to school and the bread coming out of the ovens. Overall, you provided us with a holiday with amazing memories. We look forward to another trip with Original Travel in the future.
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