Tiny and peaceful, the village of Purmamarca sits in the shadow of the extraordinary, otherworldly Mountain of Seven Colours. The mountains vivid strata’s has earned it its apt name – the colour ranges from creamy pink to burgundy, and copper to green - its a stunning sight to behold, especially in the morning light. The village is a Andean delight, authentic adobe houses are peppered throughout its streets and it’s charming 17th century church - the Iglesia de Santa Rosa, complete with cactus wood roof and pulpit, is filled with beautiful paintings. Wander the streets, through the craft market
in the little plaza and buy locally woven llama wool blankets and carved wooden bowls. While you are staying here, be sure to visit the Salinas Grandes - at an altitude of over 9,000ft, these vast white shimmering salt flats are simply fabulous, and a must see during Purmamarca holidays.

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