Ruta 40 is to Argentina what Route 66 is to the US: mythical, essential, and not to be missed. From Cabo Virgenes and the Magellan Straits in the south, to La Quiaca on the Bolivian border in the north, Ruta 40 stretches more than 3,100 miles across Argentina, and to travel it is an odyssey of sensational experiences. Ruta 40 holidays take you from the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia in the south to the stunning altiplano of Salta in the north, along the legendary Andes Cordillera. You’ll pass through geological extremes from steppe to lush valleys; snow-capped peaks and arid volcanoes to silent, high altitude deserts.
La cuarenta, as it’s known, attracts many travellers keen to see the edge of the world, and has them sitting on the edge of their seats with sheer amazement.

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