Argentina at a glance

A trip to Argentina has so much to offer. In Buenos Aires, spend a night in a milonga (tango dance event) and watch as the male dancers guide their partners without even touching them, in an endless choreography of seduction: when one advances the other retreats, never separating, never turning their backs. In north-western Argentina, walk among the geometric red rocks of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, a UNESCO World Heritage site, plotting a course through colonial villages, pre-Columbian remains and vibrant indigenous communities. In La Pampa or the Gran Chaco, try some mate (a caffeine infused hot drink) and ease yourself into its bitter taste. In Patagonia, hike around the majestic FitzRoy National Park and visit the glaciers at Lake Argentino,
which can be heard as well as seen – a blue piece of ice from the Perito Moreno glacier falling into the emerald water below is a deafening spectacle. In Tierra del Fuego, visit the appropriately named End of the World National Park, and venture along the Beagle Channel to get up close with hundreds of cormorants, sea lions and penguins, each gathered on their own islands. This Argentina travel guide can help you plan the perfect trip.
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