Unmissable Landscapes in Argentina

Unmissable Landscapes in Argentina

Planning a trip to South America? Make sure Argentina is on your itinerary. This incredible country is divided into four regions, each with its own treasure trove of natural wonders. In the north, there’s the enchanting subtropical lowlands, home to the dramatic horseshoe-shaped Iguazu Falls. Venture further west and you’ll be greeted by the towering peaks of the Andes Mountains with its high-altitude vineyards. Make your way to the central Pampas grasslands and you'll be surrounded by vast expanses of fertile soil. Then when you get to the southern reaches of Argentina, you can say hello to the glacial lakes of Patagonia. Whether you’re an adventure seeker or prefer to take it easy with a glass of wine in hand, there’s an abundance of lovely landscapes in Argentina to add to your bucket list. Read on to learn more… 

  1. Iguazu Falls: Nature's Masterpiece
  2. Perito Moreno Glacier: A Frozen Wonderland
  3. The Surreal Beauty of the Salta Province
  4. Talking About Tierra del Fuego National Park
  5. Be Awe-Inspired at Aconcagua Mountain


Iguazu Falls: Nature's Masterpiece 

First up on our selection of unmissable landscapes in Argentina is the mighty Iguazu Falls: one of the world’s most famous waterfalls. Nestled on the border of Argentina and Brazil, it stretches nearly two miles and is made up of 270 individual cascades – the largest and most impressive nicknamed the Devil's Throat (you’ll understand why when you hear its thunderous roar). The best way to see this natural wonder is by boat, just don’t forget a raincoat; you’ll be taken close to the base of the falls that you’ll no doubt be drenched in mist. For the ultimate views, book a helicopter ride to see the falls, in all their powerful glory, from above. The surrounding rainforest teems with exotic plants and wildlife, so as your stroll along the walkways that wind through this national park, keep your eyes peeled for toucans, howler monkeys and giant anteaters.


The Mighty Perito Moreno Glacier 

The Perito Moreno Glacier is a true testament to the raw power and beauty of nature. This extraordinary natural phenomenon is located in Los Glaciares National Park in the southern region of Patagonia. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site that’s over 18 miles long with towering walls of ice that can reach heights of up to 200ft. If you’re travelling in the warmer months and luck is on your side, you may get to see ice calving in action, where chunks of ice break off the glacier and crash into the water. Take a boat tour to get even closer to the colossal glacier or hike along the well-maintained trails for panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. And if you’ve got a taste for adventure, try your hand at ice trekking, an exhilarating experience led by an expert local guide where you’ll get to explore and immerse yourself in the glacier's crevasses, ice caves and seracs.


The Surreal Beauty of the Salta Province

Picture a blend of rugged mountains, lush valleys, colourful canyons and expansive salt flats and you’ll have some idea of what to expect in the Salta province. The western part of this region is dominated by the awe-inspiring Andes Mountains, which create a majestic backdrop to your travels around this area. To fully immerse yourself in this otherworldly landscape, make sure you drive through the mountains along the Cuesta del Obispo, a winding road that boasts spectacular vistas of deep valleys and fast-flowing rivers. The province of Salta is also home to the Salinas Grandes: vast salt flats that are around 200 miles wide and lie at an average altitude of 11,300ft above sea level. Make sure to have a good camera with you; the contrast between blinding white salt planes against the clear blue sky makes for some epic snaps.


Talking About Tierra del Fuego National Park 

Right at the southern tip of South America lies another one of the most incredible landscapes in Argentina: the Tierra del Fuego National Park. This vast and untouched area of wilderness is the nation's only park that boasts an ocean shoreline, and it showcases everything from jagged cliffs and dense forests to glacially formed valleys and pristine lakes. It’s home to a host of wildlife, including guanacos (close relation of llamas), Andean foxes and North American beavers, as well as over 90 species of birds. One of the many highlights here is Lake Roca, a six-mile-long expanse of crystal-clear water that straddles the Argentinean-Chilean border. Hire a kayak or canoe to paddle around the lake or, if you prefer to explore on foot, there are over 20 miles of hiking trails to discover. 


Be Awe-Inspired at Aconcagua Mountain

Last up on our list of unmissable landscapes in Argentina is Aconcagua Mountain, the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere at an elevation of 22,834ft. It’s home to giant glacial formations, such as the six-mile-long Ventisquero Horcones Inferior, and the Polish Glacier, the highest peak in the Andes and the Americas. Deep canyons, roaring rivers and cascading waterfalls cut through the rugged terrain here, adding to the natural beauty of this sublime region. Despite the harsh conditions, hardy plant species dot the mountainside, so you’re likely to spot the odd cushion plants and lichen. Further down at the foothills of Aconcagua you’ll see rolling hills, alpine meadows and babbling streams – a stark contrast to the rocky terrain and snow-covered peaks above. The surrounding valleys and gorges, such as the Horcones Valley, offer superb vistas and even more opportunities for exploration.


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