La Boca Football Match

Football fan or not, you are likely to have heard of a controversial footballer by the name of Diego Maradona, hailing from La Boca, one of the poorer districts of the city - now a bohemian and colourful tourist attraction.

With seats of yellow and blue to match the home team's colours, La Bombonera - meaning the chocolate box - is a large stadium tightly packed into a small space, so the tiers are high and so is the atmosphere. The capacity is just over 57,000 and in such a soccer-mad nation, the seats are very often filled, particularly during major fixtures such as the annual South American epic the Copa Libertadores.

Original Travel can provide details of fixtures and will obtain tickets to coincide with your holiday in Buenos Aires; and we can guarantee that being at a game will be an experience to stay with you a long time.

Why We Love It

Boca Juniors intimidating La Bombonera stadium pulsates on match days when the crowd (known collectively as the '12th player') jumps in unison and the stands sway alarmingly!


Winery Tours in Mendoza

If you're in Mendoza, the chances are it's because you've enjoyed Argentinian wine and are keen to get to the source!

In and around the city are plentiful vineyards and wineries open to visitors, all with the added benefit of an extremely scenic Andean backdrop.

Argentina is among the top wine producing countries in the world, together with France, Italy, Spain and the United States. It has eight grape growing regions spreading from north to south, with different latitudes, altitudes and soils, which produce some of the most prestigious Malbec and Torrontes to be found in the international market. The majority of the country's output comes from the Mendoza region.

Famous names such as Tapiz, Argento and Norton are all to be found here, while lesser-known houses such as Salentein have their own private accommodation along with the vineyard.

Whether you're staying at one of the vineyards or are making a day trip from Mendoza city, you're likely to visit the main wine centres of Maipu and Lujan. Tours are conducted with expert bi-lingual guides, and will show you everything from the grapes through the winery's processes to the bottling and labelling plant, if you so wish. Tasting is of course a crucial part of the whole experience; according to which, you may wish to buy some souvenirs of your time here…

Why We Love It

True oenophiles after total immersion should visit during the first weekend in May for the annual wine-fest that is the Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia.


Iguazu Falls Helicopter Ride

Silence the arguments over whether it's the Argentinian or the Brazilian side of the Iguazu/Iguassu Falls that affords the best view, see the whole lot from the air in a thrilling helicopter ride.

Original Travel can arrange an hour's private journey from either the Brazilian or the Argentinian side of the Falls for the ultimate in photo opportunities and awe-inspiring experiences.

Why We Love It

Iguacu is so wide that it's really only when hovering above its 275 separate falls that you can take its enormity in.


Riding & Polo

Ideal riding territory, the central mountains or sierra of Argentina are beautifully rolling, with lush fields and incredible scenery unspoilt by buildings or people, save the cattle-herders and gauchos.

Rides can range from a couple of hours to several days' riding and camping on long distance trails.

Estancia Los Potreros has a riding herd of over 80 incredibly responsive and reliable horses, mainly bred on the estancia, ideal for beginners to experts. The varied work that they take part in including rounding up cattle, taking out guests or playing polo, combined with the natural lifestyle they lead in an un-stabled herd environment means the horses are always fresh, interested and keen to do their jobs.

The herd is a mixture of Criollos, polo ponies and some crossbreeds. In addition, the estancia breeds Paso Peruanos, a unique horse that has five gaits or paces (instead of four) which provides an extremely comfortable riding experience.

In addition, while at Los Potreros, guests are encouraged to get involved with all of the horse activities on the farm, whether watching the horse-breaker at work or rounding up the mares and foals to protect them from pumas.

At El Colibri, where horses are an equal passion, polo is the order of the day. The ranch has its own polo fields and offers tailor-made polo clinics with the in-house professional, who also puts on practice games and tournaments, dependent on your ability.

Why We Love It

Not just a riding experience, but a chance to sample the life of real South American 'cowboy'.


Things to do in Buenos Aires


El Caminito

El Caminito, or 'Little Path', is one of the most famous streets in Buenos Aires. Explore this open-air museum to see its colourful buildings and admire works of art from Argentinian artists. Shop around for artsy trinkets, enjoy fiery tango demonstrations and pay a visit to La Boca Stadium - nicknamed La Bombonera (box of chocolates) for its shape - to catch a fun football match or cool concert.


The Art Of Tango

Tango is, without a doubt, one of the most passionate, sensual and intense dance styles the world has seen and Argentinians have created their very own version - Argentine tango - that perfectly reflects their culture and zest for life. Slip on your dancing shoes, answer the music's call and dance the night away at one of the many milongas (tango dance clubs) dotted across Buenos Aires.


Wander Around Palermo

The biggest neighbourhood in the city, the Palermo contains a magnificent medley of styles, buildings and people. Packed with culture and with quirky bars and chic boutiques at every turn, this barrio (neighbourhood) has something for everyone. Relax in the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden, enjoy your daily dose of culture at the Museum of Latin American Art, or just enjoy a tasty brunch while watching the world go by.


Things to do in Torres del Paine National Park


Ice Hiking

Take a boat ride to the Southern Patagonian ice field and its colossal Grey Glacier, an ice formation of such dazzling colour you can see it from space. Step ashore, don your crampons and begin an epic hike. You'll encounter turquoise lakes, crystal clear lagoons and icy tunnels as you soak up the unique beauty of this unspoilt wilderness.


Hike the Torres del Paine

Set off from the high-altitude Laguna Amarga on a challenging hike through the Ascensio Valley. After several hours and plenty of photo stops, you'll reach the base of the Torres del Paine's cathedral-like towers where you can refuel with a picnic. During your hike you'll be treated to spectacular views of varied landscapes including ancient forestland and stunning rock formations.


Flora and Fauna

In the wilds of the national park, you can sometimes experience all four seasons in a single day. This variety in climate is mirrored by the abundance of flora on show, from the Chilean firetree to the wonderfully named Devil's strawberry. The park is also home to Patagonia's Big 5 including the Andean condor and the elusive puma, which you may just spot if you're lucky.


Things To Do In Patagonia


Riding in Southern Patagonia

Although El Chalten is known for its superb hiking and mountain climbing, its pristine wild scenery also lends itself perfectly to some spectacular riding.

Los Cerros lodge has stables just a few yards from the hotel, and arranges half day rides along riverbanks, past waterfalls and through panoramic valley views, with the Fitz Roy Massif mountain range always visible.

Choose a route that passes the Cerro Torre base camp en route for beautiful Lake Torre, or make for Rio Blanco base camp, where you can dismount and enjoy some trekking before heading the horses homewards.


Glacier Ice Trekking

Southern Argentina's Los Glaciares National Park stretches parallel to the Andes for over 120 miles, its most famous members being the Perito Moreno, Upsala and Onelli.

The Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the natural wonders of the world, and its dimensions are truly breathtaking; measuring over 3 miles wide and approaching 19 miles in length.

One of the only worldwide glaciers to be advancing rather than retreating, it is nonetheless a poignant symbol of global warming; conservationists keep a close eye on its dimensions and its progress as it periodically calves huge chunks into the Lago Argentino. Witnessing - and hearing - such thunderous creaks and falls is utterly awe-inspiring, whether from a boat in the vicinity, or from the terrace of a nearby hotel.

A mini-trekking expedition can also be organised on the glacier itself, reached by special rubber boats. Crampons are required and will be supplied; you will be on the ice for about 90 minutes and in that time will see crevasses and small vivid blue inner lagoons.


Fly Fishing in Northern Patagonia

Still a fully working farm, Tipiliuke Lodge is part of the 20,000 hectare Cerro de los Pinos country estate founded in 1909 by the grandfather of the current owners.

Fly-fishing rainbow and brown trout is one of the main activities for guests during spring, summer and autumn time (November to May).

The property stretches nine miles along the Chimehuín river and just over four miles along the Quilquihue river. The Chimehuín is the larger of the two and has side channels harbouring superb fishing opportunities; it is known as a trophy river for its superb catches. In addition, the lodge has built its own spring creek, the first in the province.


Riding in Northern Patagonia

Patagonia's rugged, unpopulated expanse is the sort of landscape that makes everyone want to leap onto a horse and gallop into the distance, cowboy hat round the neck and hair flying.

Life on an estancia in this remote part of the world is all about adventure and the great outdoors. Whether on a short and sedate novice ride, a fast and furious cattle herding exercise, or one of the longer itineraries, riding between ranches and even over the Andes into Chile is an experience not to be forgotten.

You will ride through barren rolling hills and along the narrow rocky gorges of the Andean streams; to the tops of the hills where the Andes rise up behind you and the vastness of Patagonia stretches out before you. Gallop across water meadows and watch condors and eagles wheeling overhead.


Lake Crossing to Chile

Running between the Chilean lakes towns of Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt and the Argentinian counterpart; Bariloche, the trip across lakes and borders includes several different modes of transport as the roads and lakes weave their way directly through the mountains. No chance to get bored, and even the kids won't ask if you're nearly there yet, as you swap the bus for a catamaran and do the same in reverse when you're back on solid ground again.

There is the option to take two days and to stay overnight en route in Peulla, at the hotel by the same name; if you are making the trip in one day, it will take approximately eight hours and includes lunch in Peulla.

Additional info: you will be required to show your passports and all documents at the border check, and please be aware that the boats can get busy during peak times; this is not a private trip.

Why We Love It

The Andean Lakes Crossing has got to be the most scenic way to traverse a border imaginable.

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