Boasting a tantalising triptych of powdery white-sand beaches, turquoise seas teeming with life and a laid-back, beachy vibe, the Gili Islands are the stuff holiday dreams are made of. The three islands - located off the northwest coast of Lombok - are a vision of paradise; each has its own specific charm and beauty, but together, they possess a powerful tranquillity that’s difficult to leave behind. Cars and motorbikes are banned on the islands, which only adds to the relaxed atmosphere; it’s still possible to seek out spots where the only sounds you’ll hear are the breeze in the palms and the lapping of waves.
An acclaimed diving area, sharks, rays and turtles roam the coral reefs and there are numerous incredible dive sites that showcase the marine life in all its colourful glory (Shark Point and Turtle Heaven are two of the best if you ask us). Once you’ve enjoyed a glimpse of the island’s underwater treasures, head back to dry land and fill your Gili Islands holidays with some seriously indulgent activities from sunbathing and shopping, to bar-hopping and eating. Here, time truly slows down and the only things you have to worry about are which beaches to explore next and what cocktails to order.

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