An epicentre of culture, Borobodur Temple is widely considered to be an unofficial Wonder of the World. In fact, it is the largest Buddhist temple on earth. Located in Indonesia's Central Java province, the magnificent ninth century monument has survived volcanic eruptions, bombs and an earthquake, yet still, rather miraculously, remains as beautiful and enigmatic as ever; not only in scale but in its undeniable and indestructible power. This is why we think Borobodur Temple isn’t to be overlooked. Built in the time of the Shailendra Dynasty, the basic structure of the temple resembles that of a
pyramid with circular walkways that gradually ascend the peak. Historically, the wise climbed to the top, journeying through the temple’s levels, to reach a higher state of consciousness and unity of the mind. Follow in their footsteps as you’re transported to a serene, enlightened space. A trip to uncover the religious underbelly of this spiritual country is a must, which is why we believe every Indonesian adventure should include a side of Borobudur.

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Borobudur Temple Guide

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