Tucked high up in the mountains of South Sulawesi you’ll find Tana Toraja, an area of beguiling beauty and intriguing culture, which is home to the indigenous Toraja people. Getting to the remote oasis is an achievement in itself – it’s a ten-hour drive from the nearest airport – but you’ll reap the rewards upon arrival with views stretching for miles over the valleys, rivers, mountains and small villages that make up this unspoilt region. The landscapes of Tana Toraja are the definition of natural beauty and the sights you’ll see here can only be described as otherworldly. Particularly fascinating
are the village’s peculiar yet elaborate historic dwellings, with roofs that resemble boat hulls pointing towards the sky. Torajans are best known internationally for their death rituals; life and death are intrinsically linked here and villagers live side-by-side with their dead before their eventual burial. Complex funeral rituals, lavish gifts for the parted and buffalo sacrifices are all part of the process and on Tana Toraja holidays, you’ll gain a fascinating insight into a culture almost forgotten.

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