Of all the gems to uncover on a trip to Java in Indonesia, the Ijen Volcano Complex on the eastern tip of the island is one of the most captivating. The group of three volcanoes sit over 8,800ft high and the star of the show is Kawah Ijen - otherwise known as the 'Blue Volcano' - which at its crater, has a sulphur lake that glows bright turquoise and at night, spits blue flames from its peak. Venture on your Ijen Volcano Complex holidays and you’ll see nature at its most extreme. For a close-up look at this blue beauty and a real taste of adventure, there is the option of scaling the volcano’s jagged
lunar-like exterior after dark to reach the rim of the caldera and see the electric-blue fire that burns there every night of the year after the sun has gone down. Another option is to go during the day when you can enjoy a clear sight of the beautiful aquamarine lake (the largest acidic lake in the world) that resides at the volcano’s heart. By daylight, your descent will be filled with views of the surrounding forests and coffee plantations that dominate the landscape. A trip to the Ijen Volcano Complex is an unforgettable reminder of the power of Mother Nature.

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