Think family holidays. Think Asia. Home to a kaleidoscope of culture, scenery, wildlife, warm weather and seriously friendly locals, Asia family holidays offer a world of adventure for everyone. In Sri Lanka, it’s all about wildlife. From turtle watching on the West Coast to whale watching and intrepid safaris in Yala National Park, a holiday to the Teardrop of India makes practical learning look like a walk in the park. Luxury villa options along its coast or high in tea country makes Sri Lanka a very viable option for larger multigenerational (or 3G as we like to call them) families. Thailand
knows a thing or two about family Asia holidays too. Not only is it geared up for young children with a tantalising array of resorts and pint size pools, but its floating markets and iconic temples make sure that even the most jaded teen travellers are left suitably impressed. If you’re travelling with chronic fidgeters, Chiang Mai is your answer. Fill sunny days with elephant trekking, biking and river rafting and spend evenings making memories in hilltop hotels. In India, you can expect much of the same just on a larger scale. In Rajasthan, India’s quirky northern state, national parks and vibrant cities abound – and become even more intense during Holi celebrations (normally in February or March every year). Really, there is nothing Asia can’t do. Full of intrigue, solace, adventure and spirituality, school show and tell will never have sounded and looked so good.

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