Itinerary Highlights
    • Visit iconic sites in Tokyo, such as Hamarikyu Garden, Sensoji Temple and Meiji Jingu shrine
    • Immerse yourself in digital artwork at the teamLab Planets Exhibition
    • Marvel at the iconic Mount Fuji and relax in volcanic hot springs
    • Learn the history behind some of Kyoto’s iconic temples on a private tour
    • Sample Japanese delights during a street food tour in Osaka

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There's a reason families flock to Japan and never want to leave – so why not experience it for yourself? This 16-day adventure journeys through Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Ise-Shima and Osaka, each destination providing its own slice of Japanese charms. Including a mix of temples, tea ceremonies, culinary delights and family-friendly activities, we’re certain that Japan will become a firm family favourite.

Begin your adventure in Tokyo, the glistening capital that promises immediate cultural immersion as you visit its iconic sights alongside a private guide. From there, you’ll head to Hakone, where the majestic Mount Fuji offers the perfect family photo opportunity. Next are Kyoto and Ise-Shama, where temples and scenic walks await. Finally, finish in Osaka with a street food tour before catching your flight home.


Everything is 100% tailored to you

Goodbye UK

Summon your travellers because your family adventure to Japan begins today. Head to the airport, whizz through security and kick back in the lounge before boarding the seven-hour evening flight to Dubai. If the gang falls short of getting some shuteye, make sure you’ve got our family packs on hand – filled with tailored destination information and games, they’re sure to pique your youngsters’ curiosity about Japan.


Transfer to Tokyo

You’ll land in Dubai in the early hours of the morning, and after a sleepy transfer, you’ll soon be back in the skies on your way to Tokyo. The infamous city lights will fill the plane’s windows around ten hours after taking off, and after speeding through security, you’ll be privately transferred to your hotel in time for a (much-needed) long night’s sleep.


Tokyo tour

It’s time to wake up and seize your first day in Tokyo. You and the family will join a private guide for a journey to Hamarikyu, a historic Japanese garden once belonging to a powerful feudal lord during the Edo Period. It’s renowned for its diverse flowers and the Nakajima-no-Chaya teahouse, serving freshly brewed green tea and Japanese sweets. Relax at the teahouse and indulge in treats while learning about sados (tea ceremonies). You’ll then venture to Asakusa, Tokyo’s oldest geisha district and home to Sensoji, the city’s oldest Buddhist temple, where the surrounding streets feature many shops and are a delight to wander through. The tour concludes at Meiji Jingu, Tokyo’s renowned shrine honouring Emperor Meiji and a popular location for traditional Shinto weddings. The shrine's tranquil setting, home to around 120,000 trees, offers a serene escape despite being adjacent to bustling shopping districts like Harajuku and Omotesando.


Immersive museum

Start your day with a traditional Japanese breakfast (and attempt to convince the children that rice is a normal morning meal) before heading to the teamLab Planets Exhibition. Immerse yourself in the vibrant digital artworks as you explore the exhibitions brought to life with over 450 projectors and 500 computers.

The rest of the day is free for you to spend at leisure. While you’re in the area, embrace your inner seafood fan at Toyosu Fish Market or check out Odaiba, a man-made island that offers the perfect opportunity for a shopping spree. When bellies start to rumble, let your local Concierge know the family’s food preferences and they’ll snag you seats at one of the best restaurants in town.


Discover Tokyo

Your third full day in Tokyo is free to use however you wish, and Tokyo offers a wealth of attractions that are easily accessible via its efficient train system. Discover historic temples, serene gardens, delectable cuisine and vibrant shopping districts that even the youngest travellers will find delightful. For art and architecture enthusiasts, head to Roppongi Hills Mori Tower in Tokyo's renowned art district. This skyscraper houses shops, museums and an observation deck on the 52nd floor with breathtaking city views. Or, experience Tokyo from a different perspective with a scenic boat cruise along the Sumida River, ideal for family outings.

Additionally, we can arrange for your family to learn how to make sushi at the Cooking Sun School in Shinanomachi. This hands-on experience teaches you the tricks of the trade, from making rolled sushi to pressed sushi, and offers countless ingredients so you can flavour creations to your taste.


Bullet train to Hakone

Wave goodbye to Japan’s capital because today, you’re jumping on a train to Hakone, a beautiful mountain region in the heart of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. The Shinkansen (bullet train) takes around 30 minutes, so you’ll be wheeling your suitcases into your luxurious ryokan (traditional inn) in no time. Dump your bags and take advantage of the hotel’s volcanically heated onsen (hot spring) while the little ones splash around in the swimming pool.


Marvel at Mount Fuji

Hakone is the perfect playground for you and your family to explore today, whether you sample eggs boiled in volcanic water or cruise across the serene Lake Ashi. However, one of Hakone’s main highlights is its proximity to Mount Fuji, Japan’s most sacred and iconic mountain. The town offers excellent viewpoints to catch a glimpse of this majestic mountain; just make sure to have your camera ready, as Mount Fuji is famously shy and capturing that perfect family photo is a must. To get your fix of artsy culture, head to the Okada Museum of Art, where Japanese, Chinese and Korean artwork is displayed across five floors. You can even soak your weary feet in the museum’s outdoor hot spring foot bath while you admire the mural of the wind and thunder gods. Divine.


Hello Kyoto

Pack your bags and prepare for today’s 250-mile train journey to Kyoto. The trip takes about three hours with just one change at Odawara – plenty of time to play eye spy as you traverse the heart of Japan, from the mountainous landscapes to the bustling city of Kyoto in the Kansai region. Upon arrival, check into your hillside hotel and indulge in a meal at the restaurant while simultaneously admiring the panoramic views of the gardens.


Temples and tea ceremonies

This morning, gather the gang and meet your guide in the hotel lobby for an engaging half-day tour exploring three of Kyoto's most captivating temples. Begin at Ninna-ji, founded in 888 AD and now home to the Omuro School of Shingon Buddhism. Although the original 9th-century structures are gone, the temple complex showcases buildings from the 1600s, including the main hall, offering insights into Japan's ancient religious history. Next, visit Kinkaku-ji Temple, the renowned Golden Pavilion, which was initially built as a villa in the late 1300s and later transformed into a Zen temple. Covered entirely in gold leaf, the pavilion fascinates with its dazzling appearance and rich history. Conclude your tour at Ryoan-ji Temple, which is famous for its serene rock garden. Some say the stones were arranged in such a way that you must achieve a certain level of enlightenment before you see all of them at once – something sure to spark healthy debate among the family.

Just a short walk from the entrance to Ryoan-ji temple is the Camelia Garden Tea House, a beautiful house with a traditional garden where you can learn about the Chanoyu tea ceremony. This ceremony originates from the practices of Buddhist monks, who made the ritual into an expression of calm meditation. During the ceremony, emphasis is placed on harmony, respect, purity and tranquillity of mind, something that’s sure to be welcomed at the end of your busy day.

DAY 10

Final day in Kyoto

Conquer Kyoto with a full day of exploring more of the city’s sensational sites. Check out Nishiki Market to discover one of the city’s most attractive highlights, especially for foodie fanatics. Known as ‘Kyoto’s Kitchen’ by locals, stroll down the narrow streets and find everything from sweets to wasabi. Or take a walk through Gion, Kyoto’s famous geisha district. Marvel at the traditional wooden houses and keep an eye out for geiko (geisha) and maiko (apprentice geisha) in their elegant attire. In the evening, indulge in a kaiseki meal, a traditional Japanese dinner featuring multiple courses highlighting seasonal ingredients and beautiful presentation.

DAY 11

Onwards to Ise-Shima

After being transferred to the station, today’s trusty train ride will see you heading for your next beautiful hotel, located within the Ise-Shima National Park on the Kii Peninsula. After arriving, settle into your room and relax in your very own private onsen, or soak in the spectacular views over Ago Bay.

DAYS 12 & 13

Time to relax

The following two days are yours to savour the tranquillity of your hotel and its surrounding area. Explore ancient pilgrimage routes weaving through nearby forests, leading to some of Japan's most sacred shrines. Adventurers among the family can journey to the Shinto sites of Ise Grand Shrine and Ise Jingu, linked by the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Kumano Kodo trails. Alternatively, indulge in a fishing excursion guided by an expert angler or tee off at the golf course overlooking Ago Bay. For an afternoon of pure relaxation, unwind at the spa or take a dip in the heated outdoor swimming pool with stunning views of forested hills and the serene bay. If tackling the waves sounds like your thing, boat trips on Ago Bay can also be arranged for a memorable aquatic experience.

DAY 14

Osaka street food tour

This morning you’ll be transferred to the station, where your holiday’s final long train journey is bound for Osaka. This lively city reigns supreme in Japan's street food scene, and the Shinsekai district stands out as a destination unlike anywhere else in the country. Exploring this vibrant area offers an authentic Japanese experience, and today, you’ll join our local expert for a guided stroll through Shinsekai, where you'll uncover hidden gems and learn about the district's colourful history. Sample a variety of local dishes at four different shops, each with a rich culinary tradition deeply rooted in Osaka's heritage.

DAY 15

The journey home begins

Sadly, your final day in Japan has rolled around. However, the fun doesn’t end there. If you and your family are up for it (who wouldn’t be?), we can arrange for you to spend the day at Universal Studios Japan before your evening flight. Here, you can immerse yourself in the world of iconic movies, from Harry Potter’s Hogwarts to the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem Ride. After an unforgettable day of magical entertainment, it’s time to head to Kansai International Airport, where you’ll board the first of two flights, the first back to Dubai.

DAY 16

Land in the UK

After landing in Dubai, just one final transfer and flight stand between you and the UK. You’ll touch down on home turf around midday, but we're sure the post-holiday fatigue will have your whole family eagerly collapsing into their beds when you finally reach home.

A Rough Idea of Price

Dependent on season, accommodation and activities
The cost for this trip starts from £10,200 to £14,700 per person.

The final cost of the trip depends on the way we tailor it especially for you. The final cost varies according to several factors, which include the level of service, length of trip and advance booking time. The exact price will be provided on your personalised quote.

The average starting price for this trip is £11,700 per person.
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