Japan is - in our humble opinion - as fascinating a destination as any on the planet. Uncannily familiar on some levels yet completely 'other' at the same time, this endlessly alluring destination will reward all those intrepid enough to explore her. There's just one a problem. With so much to see, and often so little time in which to see it, you have to make sacrifices. That's why the main island of Honshu should always be your first port of call, with Tokyo and Kyoto shoe-ins, and after that myriad options for Honshu holidays, including the revered and perfectly conical Mount Fuji, the deeply moving Hiroshima Peace Park,
the elegant wooden houses of the UNESCO Heritage town of Takayama in the Japanese Alps, the sacred Shinto island of Miyajima and Mount Koyasan, a revered place of pilgrimage for Buddhists. But first, to Tokyo; the capital of Japan since 1868 and one of the most dynamic, innovative cities in the world. The sense of creativity and daring - in the fields of fashion and technology particularly - are infectious and it’s fun to discover the spirit of Tokyo in each of the city’s neighbourhoods, such as Ikebukuro with its many department stores and buzzing Shibuya. But Tokyo is not all about modernity and mayhem; within easy reach of these districts are two beautiful gardens, Koishikawa Botanical Garden and Rikugien, where tradition and tranquility reign. In marked contrast to the high rise, high intensity feel in Tokyo, Kyoto promises a more low key, low rise aesthetic. Contemplate the world while sitting in some of the country’s finest Zen gardens, wander around ancient temples and spot the unmistakable silhouette of a geisha dressed in her finery disappearing along an alleyway.

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Frances was always helpful and came up with great suggestions whilst filling in the brief we wanted. The hotels were spot on and all the booked tours and guides were fun and informative, and the concierge was always there to help us. Highlights included Takayama and Hiroshima but everything was really amazing - Japan is like no other country. The whole of the Original Team were outstanding, thank you for making it a very memorable and enjoyable holiday.
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