There's a reason most first time visitors restrict themselves to the main Japanese island of Honshu - it's blessed with such gems as Tokyo and Kyoto, the perfectly conical Mount Fuji and much, much more besides - but as Japan continues to grow in popularity so other parts of the country step in to the ever widening spotlight. Enter stage left Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan's main islands, and somewhere that contains even more reasons to nip over to Nippon.

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Frances was always helpful and came up with great suggestions whilst filling in the brief we wanted. The hotels were spot on and all the booked tours and guides were fun and informative, and the concierge was always there to help us. Highlights included Takayama and Hiroshima but everything was really amazing - Japan is like no other country. The whole of the Original Team were outstanding, thank you for making it a very memorable and enjoyable holiday.
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