The idyllic Indonesian island of Sumatra, known for its dramatic tropical terrain and smoldering volcanoes, is the place to go to lose yourself in nature. On your Sumatra holiday you can relax on deserted beaches, trek into lush jungles and see plenty of wonderfully wacky wildlife including sun bears (the smallest bear in the world) and flying foxes (the largest bats in the world). Explore the beautiful mountainous area of Bukittinggi and meet the Minangkabau people who live there. Experience first-hand the matriarchal society they live in (the largest in the world) and learn about how property,
family name and land passes from mothers to daughters instead of from fathers to sons.

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We absolutely had a great time on our trip. The staff at Papua Paradise were absolutely top notch - everyone from the kitchen staff, to the bartender, to the front desk folks knew our names from day one. They absolutely went out of their way to make sure our stay there was very memorable. Your trip planning was spot on. We had folks waiting for us at every stop, which made everything almost too easy. You have our vote, and we'll definitely be planning our next major dive trip through you!
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