Where to go in Indonesia

With a mere 13,000 islands to choose from there's likely to be an island to suit all but the most lubbing of landlubbers. Some islands are more about the culture (Flores springs to mind), others more about the often dramatic scenery (Java's volcanoes) but all bring an alluring blend of both to the party, with much more besides. Here are our favourite spots:

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Far East > Indonesia

Straddling the equator, Sumatra is the world’s fifth largest island, and a perfect example of nature in her rawest form, with grumbling volcanoes, lush tropical rainforest, and deep canyons sitting side by side. Read more


Far East > Indonesia

The tropical idyll of Bali offers superb watersports, landscapes, hotels and culture for a varied luxury holiday. Read more


Far East > Indonesia

Bali's little known neighbour Lombok is fast becoming the savvy beach dwellers choice for a laid back beach break in the Indonesian archipelago, and is blessed with powder sand beaches, vibrant reefs and tropical forest. Read more


Far East > Indonesia

If you want to discover what makes Indonesia tick, then this, the capital island, should feature on any itinerary. Read more


Far East > Indonesia

Thinking about the island of Borneo conjures up images of dense tropical rainforest, teeming with wildlife, and inhabited by a variety of indigenous communities, and this really is one place that lives up to the hype. Read more

Flores & Komodo

Far East > Indonesia

Bali and Lombok nab most of the tourist trade in Indonesia, but as more and more travellers appreciate this truly beautiful destination, they are exploring further afield. Java was the first wider foray and now, hard on Javanese heels, come the twin island gems of Flores and Komodo. Read more

Raja Ampat

Far East > Indonesia

Raja Ampat just happens to sit right in the heart of the Coral Triangle, which is the area of the highest marine biodiversity on earth. Isolated, tropical and vibrant, this group of islands is a must do for the nature enthusiasts and water babies among us. Read more

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