Southern Iceland is the most visited part of this wild and woolly country. Of course the presence of the capital and gateway Reykjavik has something to do with this, but so does the fact that this is a region with a lot to offer, from glaciers to geysers and volcanoes to waterfalls. The dramatic landscape of Southern Iceland includes those Icelandic staples; glaciers and geysers galore, but also many volcanoes including infamous 'celebrity' volcano Eyjafjallajokull, whose eruption caused so much air travel chaos back in 2010. Now the volcano has calmed down, the visitor centre is well worth a visit,
chronicling how farmers survived the incredible ordeal. Away from the centre, the evidence of the sheer scale of the eruption lies all around in large amounts of ash. Visitors to the south can also see the black sands of Vik beach, the glacial lagoon of Jokularlon (where many Hollywood blockbusters have been filmed) or spot humpback and killer whales on whale watching boat trips. Fishermen will already know that this is one of the finest - albeit most expensive - places on earth to catch salmon.

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