Not too far outside of Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik lies Geysir, a steaming geothermal area that’s home to a variety of hot springs, geysers and other out-of-this-world geothermal features. It is unsurprising that the area’s main event is a selection of steaming geysers, the most famous being ‘Geysir’, which gave its name to all other geysers, as the Icelandic word means ‘to gush’. While it is no longer as active as it once was, its neighbouring geyser, ‘Strokkur’, is still highly explosive and erupts regularly, shooting great plumes of water and steam high into the sky. As well as its geysers,
Geysir is also known for its boiling mud pools, steaming vents and rainbow-hued hot springs – a geography buff’s idea of heaven. One of the most popular hot springs in the area is the ‘Golden Circle’, a series of interconnected hot springs that are famed for their vibrant colours and otherworldly formations. Head out on foot to discover Geysir’s geothermal features, on one of the several easily accessible paths and observation platforms that offer far-reaching views out over the steaming stretch of land. Make a pit stop in one of the several visitor centres and museums that provide information on the geology and history of the region. If you’re seeking fascinating natural wonders, Geysir is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Iceland.

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