Tiny but mighty, the historic village of Reykholt is a cultural highlight on any trip along Iceland’s west coast. Known for its rich heritage and outstanding natural surroundings, Reykholt is a must for any intrepid explorer. Head to nearby Deildartunguhver to check out the biggest hot spring in Europe, which pumps out a staggering 180 litres of 97°C thermal water per second, or stay local at the Snorrastofa Musuem, who celebrate the life and work of Snorri Sturluson. A 13th-century Icelandic scholar and politician, he is best known for his contributions to Icelandic literature, including the Prose
Edda and the Saga of the Icelanders. Snorri lived in Reykholt for several years and built a farm and a church in the area, which still stands today and is open to explore. As well as its historical and natural attractions, Reykholt also has several modern amenities, including restaurants, cafes and accommodation options. Sample local Icelandic cuisine at traditional bucolic restaurants and shop for handmade crafts and souvenirs at artisan stores.

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