A volcanic fissure in southern Iceland, Laki is also known as Lakagígar (meaning ‘craters of Laki’) due to the numerous craters that were formed during one of its eruptions. During this eruption, lava flowed from the fissure and covered a vast area surrounding it, with the ash and gas emissions causing a haze that spread across the northern hemisphere. Today, the Laki fissure is a popular destination for tourists and hikers alike, who wish to explore the unique landscape and learn more about the area’s geological history. Visitors can hike across the lava fields and walk along the many craters that were formed during the eruption.
The area around Laki is famed for its colourful volcanic rock formations, ranging from shades of red and orange, to black and grey. Despite its destructive past, Laki is now considered a valuable scientific resource for studying volcanic activity and its impact on the environment and climate, making the fissure a fascinating and educational destination for anyone visiting ‘the Land of Fire and Ice’.

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