In the peaceful north of Iceland sits the stunning Lake Myvatn, a serene oasis surrounded by dramatic volcanic landscapes, hot springs and abundant wildlife. Take a leisurely hike along the picturesque trails or relax in the soothing natural hot springs, while soaking up the stunning scenery. The area around the lake is teeming with fascinating geological features, including craters to explore, lava fields to traverse and bubbling mud pots to marvel at — all created by volcanic activity. Be sure to add the Myvatn Blue Lagoon to your itinerary, as it offers an experience that manages to rival Iceland’s world-famous Blue Lagoon near Grindavík.
If you choose to explore Lake Myvatn during the warm summer months, keep an eye out for ‘black rain’, a swarm of midges that descend upon the area at this time (Myvatn translates to midge in Icelandic, so it certainly lives up to its name). Another must-see here is the majestic Godafoss waterfall, which cascades downwards in a frothy rush, leaving behind a misty rainbow. Situated away from any light pollution, Lake Myvatn is also a perfect place to witness the elusive aurora borealis, a stunning natural display of colourful lights dancing across the night sky.

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