Lake Viti - Icelandic for ‘hell’ - is a crater lake located in the Askja volcanic complex, nestled within the central highlands of Iceland. Known for its vibrant blue-green colour and geothermal features, Lake Viti is one of the most famous and picturesque lakes in the country. Yet, while the water may look inviting, sadly the lake’s high sulphur content makes it unsuitable for swimming. Nevertheless, Lake Viti is surrounded by stark natural beauty, with volcanic rocks contrasting against the bright water, making a visit here still well worth your time. Visitors can hike around the lake and explore the surrounding region,
which is filled with myriad volcanic features including lava fields, craters and hot springs. Although Lake Viti is easily accessible during the summer months, Iceland’s harsh winter weather means you’ll need a 4x4 or a local guide to reach it between December and March. Offering a glimpse into Iceland’s geothermal and volcanic activity, a visit to the unique and beautiful Lake Viti can form an important part of any Icelandic trip.

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