Venture to Iceland's northern coast and you’ll discover the majestic Eyjafjörður fjord — one of the country’s longest fjords which is framed by towering mountains that reach up to 3,000ft high. Enjoy a leisurely cruise along the fjord to take in the spectacular views, or if you’re after a little more adventure, hike the surrounding trails that offer panoramic views of the rugged landscape. In the summer, Eyjafjörður is a suitably impressive spot to experience the Midnight Sun, an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon in which the sun doesn’t set. During this time, Eyjafjörður is also home to loveable puffins,
who can be spotted shuffling along the rocks, flying overhead and fishing in the water. But the wildlife sightings don't stop here. The waters of Eyjafjörður are frequented by various whales, including mink, sei, fin, humpback and even blue whales. Once you’ve scoped out the area’s resident wildlife, unwind with a dip in the Grettislaug hot springs and drink in the commanding views over the sea and mountains. End your day on a delicious note by indulging in freshly-caught seafood, hearty stews and homemade bread at one of the picturesque villages scattered along the fjord's magical shores.

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Eyjafjordur Guide

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