The Cape of Ingolfshofoi is a wild frontier: a headland rising from the frothing sea at the southeastern tip of Iceland. A magnet for puffins and thousands of other nesting seabirds, the isolated cape looms above a huge lagoon, laced with black sand that only appears at low tide. During your Ingolfshofoi Cape holidays, don’t miss out on a fun tractor ride where you'll get the chance to trundle across the sands between the Cape and the mainland. Here you can gaze at the immense spectacle of seabirds, hovering above the waves and drifting down to feed their young in their cliff-bound nests. Keep your
eyes peeled for darts of orange and flashes of red of puffins’ beaks dashing about the cliff faces. Despite their grace and beauty beneath the waves and in the skies, these funny little birds are known as ‘clowns of the sea’ thanks to their comical waddle while on land. Ingolfshofdi Cape holidays are also ideal for hiking, fishing and riding; whether you're looking for a peaceful retreat or an adventure-filled holiday, they are perfect for experiencing the beauty and wonder of Iceland's wilderness. Spend your days on your Ingolfshofdi Cape holidays ‘twitching’ and exploring the Cape, before heading back to your cosy hotel for evenings spent taking in the stunning views and dining on tasty Icelandic delicacies.

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Ingolfshofoi Cape Guide

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