For an escape that’s as quirky as the locals’ legends, head to Akureyri – a charming city in the heart of Iceland. This is a place where kook is given free reign. You’ll find heart-shaped traffic lights, small sculpted trolls dotting the neighbourhoods and churches cladded in colourful wood. There’s also a lively cultural and social scene with a renowned theatre, a scattering of dance bars and a handful of traditional restaurants dishing up exceptional local delicacies. Don't forget about the weathered fjord islands bordering the town's centre, perfect for a dollop of nature and blast of fresh air.
Captivating at any time of year, Akureyri holidays can be enjoyed during balmy summers, when gorgeous green gardens flower as well as in the snow-dusted winters, where thrill-seekers whizz around the plains on skis and snowmobiles to experience life close to the Arctic Circle.

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