The mighty Gullfoss waterfall, also known as the ‘Golden Falls’, is one of the most awe-inspiring sights in Iceland. As you approach the falls, you can hear the roar of the water as it tumbles over the rocks and plummets 105ft into the deep canyon below. The sheer power of the water is breath-taking, and the mist that rises from the falls creates a magical aura that is difficult to put into words. You’ll soon understand why Gullfoss is such an unforgettable setting that has served as a captivating backdrop for blockbuster movies and TV shows, including the critically acclaimed Game of Thrones.
According to local legend, a Viking once threw his hidden wealth into the pool at the base of the waterfall to prevent others from enjoying it after he passed away. While another tale suggests that the waterfall was named after the rainbows that form in the mist on sunny days, in line with the ancient Celtic belief that there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. With its thundering waters, Gulfoss stands as a testament to the power and resilience of Iceland, where visitors are left spellbound (if slightly damp).

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