Experience an otherworldly adventure like no other as you journey to Fjallsárlón, a spectacular glacial lagoon nestled deep within Iceland's stunning Vatnajökull National Park. A land where shimmering icebergs – cast adrift from nearby glaciers - float serenely atop crystal-clear water and mirror the surrounding mountains and sky, you’ll be easily charmed by Fjallsárlón’s natural beauty. Hop aboard a boat tour for an unforgettable journey across the tranquil lagoon, passing drifting icebergs of all shapes and sizes and keep your eyes peeled for Fjallsárlón’s resident seals. Take the opportunity to delve into the lagoon’s unique ecosystem,
learn about the formation of glaciers, the effects of climate change and the importance of preserving precious natural resources like these. For the intrepid amongst you, why not take a dip in the frigid waters? The icy shock is way worth the bragging rights.

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