With its dramatic black sand beaches, towering cliffs and sweeping views of the ocean, this small coastal village in the south of Iceland is a must-visit, particularly for any avid photographers. The black sand beach of Reynisfjara deserves a place on everyone's bucket list - famous for towering basalt columns and dramatic rock formations that create an otherworldly landscape, you can explore the striking beach while being treated to the sight of puffins, which call the area home. These adorable seabirds can often be seen diving into the water to catch fish, providing the perfect photo opportunity.
For those seeking unparalleled views of the Icelandic coastline, a journey to the top of Dyrhólaey peninsula during a Vik holiday is a must - the view alone will leave you speechless as you take in the rugged beauty and the vastness of the ocean stretching out in front of you. Spend some time learning about Icelandic culture and history at the Þorvaldseyri Visitor Centre, which offers a fascinating glimpse into life in this remote and rugged corner of the world. Whether you're looking to explore the great outdoors, connect with local culture or simply enjoy delicious fresh seafood with a good view, Vik holidays can offer it all.

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