Situated in the secluded beauty of Iceland’s East Fjords, the small fishing village of Breiddalsvik is known for its bewitching scenery, rich local history and thriving fishing industry. Breiddalsvik is nestled in a picturesque valley between two mountains and offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape thanks to its vantage point above the Breiddalur fjord. The fjord is home to a whole host of wildlife, including seals, seabirds and whales, which makes it a popular destination for nature enthusiasts. Fishing has been Breiddalsvik’s major industry for years, and visitors can learn about traditional Icelandic life at the local museum,
which boasts exhibits on local history and culture. Breiddalsvik Church, a small wooden building with stained-glass windows, is one of the village’s top attractions and a well-loved spot for weddings so don’t be surprised if you see a blushing bride in the vicinity. The area is also a great place for hiking and camping, and the black sand beaches, bird watching, and nearby mountains and valleys make Breiddalsvik hugely enticing for those with a thirst for the outdoors. If you’re looking for a mix of local culture and the rugged outdoors, Breiddalsvik is an unmissable destination.

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