In modern life it's easy to feel disconnected from the natural world and the skills of our ancestors - everything from building a fire from scratch, to foraging for food in the wilderness. Reconnect travel is the remedy to this yearning for connection, and Europe is a great place to dive in. If you're interested in reconnect travel in Europe, our experts can help craft a tailor-made itinerary packed full of immersive travel experiences. Head to Romania's beautiful Transylvania region to try your hand at herding cattle with a local guide, learn the art of making traditional flatbreads using ancient recipes in Norway,
and hone your riding skills on an adventure in the wildernesses of Iceland. To top off your reconnect holiday, we'll put you in touch with our Concierge who can give you the inside track into the best things to do and try in a destination. We’ll also pair you up with expert local guides to help you gain a deeper insight into the places you visit and arrange for you to stay in excellent accommodation, whether you're after a luxurious hotel or a more traditionally rustic base.

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