In a land of unspoilt Arctic wilderness, vast lakes and lush forests live Europe’s only surviving indigenous people, the Sami. They have a vibrant culture rich in folklore and have a strong spiritual connection to the Arctic landscape across the Arctic Circle in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Whether you're visiting during the crisp winter or the endless summer days, the Sami people will welcome you in to discover their distinctive way of life and ancient traditions – from ice fishing and foraging for shellfish to cheese making and reindeer feeding. Traditionally reindeer herders, Sami people have
trained in the sport of reindeer racing for decades, and experienced jockeys still take to the track in early spring for the thrilling Reindeer Racing Championships. The races are an important cultural event on the Sami calendar, and you can expect craft markets, food stalls and a jovial atmosphere where you can enjoy a local craft beer or aquavit (local moonshine). Immerse yourself in Sami culture in a remote village deep in the forests of Lapland, learning about their traditional ways of life that have remained unchanged for centuries, while also exploring the beautiful wilderness scenery and spotting local wildlife.

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