Itinerary Highlights
    • Experience a night-time snowmobile adventure under (hopefully!) the Northern Lights

    • Spend a night in a frosty Deluxe Suite at the original Icehotel

    • Head out foraging with a local expert and learn about the traditional uses of plants

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This adventure to the snowy north comes replete with some seriously cool creature comforts thanks to two of the quirkiest hotels of all time (and Original Travel favourites) - the original Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi and the Treehotel to the south near Lulea. While the hotels in themselves are incredible, the devil here is in the detail, and in particular in the activities you can enjoy as part of this itinerary.

The Icehotel is your first home on your six-day Arctic adventure. You will be kitted out with cold weather clothes (it can reach -50°C at times), before you head out on snowmobiles to try and spot the Northern Lights. Enjoy husky-sledding over frozen lakes and through rich pine forests before gaining skills to sauna like a Scandinavian with a ten-step ritual.

You will get the chance to spend one night in a frosty Deluxe Suite where temperatures sit between -5°C and -8 °C, so wrap up in your thermal sleeping bag and reindeer hides for a night like no other. Your next stop will be the Treehotel, where you can spend another night out spotting the Northern Lights on snowmobiles before sleeping suspended off the ground in the Bird’s Nest, UFO or Mirrorcube. Your final activity will be foraging in the forest with a local connoisseur, learning about local dishes and traditional ways of using plants, before heading home.


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Head to the airport for your two-and-a-half-hour flight to Stockholm’s Arlanda, before hopping on a domestic flight to Kiruna International Airport. You will be met by your guide, who will pick you up and drive you the short distance over the Torne River to the Icehotel. Check into your Kaamos Superior Warm Room which will be your home for the next two nights. The staff at the Icehotel will kit you out in the cold-weather clothing needed to be comfortable in temperatures which can drop to -50 Celsius at times - trust us when we say that your old salopettes won't do the job here. You will then be given a thorough briefing on practicalities of life in the far north and taken through the details of your itinerary for your stay. Long after the light has faded (any time after 2pm in this part of the world), you'll be collected by your guides to set off on a snowmobile adventure to hunt for the Northern Lights in the Arctic night. Hopefully you’re good at multitasking, as you’ll want to keep your eyes on the track ahead while also being on the look-out for the aurora borealis up above. You will stop for a two-course dinner in a remote hut in the wilderness, which gives the guide an opportunity to regale you with tales of the rugged outdoors and some facts and myths about the aurora. You'll be back at the Icehotel at about 11pm, so time for a quick drink from an ice ‘glass’ at the bar before bed.



After a comfy night's sleep surrounded by nothing but darkness and silence in northern Lapland, head to breakfast to fuel up for the active day ahead. Today you will learn how to sauna like a Scandinavian, with a ten-step sauna ritual. For the brave, this includes an ice plunge and a thorough cleanse of both mind and body. When fingers and toes are suitably frosty and stomachs are grumbling, head back to the Icehotel for an extravagant eight-course meal at The Veranda. Sit round an enormous wooden table with other guests while the chef cooks and serves some deliciously fresh Swedish delicacies, all inspired by the eight Sami seasons, Tornedalen and its food history. Be sure to eat your fill, as after dinner you will be heading out to be with the huskies on an overnight dog sledding adventure. Drive your own sled and bed down in a cosy wilderness cabin for the night, making the most of the sauna and even the chance to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights dancing across the dark night sky.



Today you will wake up in the wonderful wilderness before packing up and heading back to the Icehotel as tonight you will be sleeping in their Deluxe Suite 365. You will sleep among hand carved ice sculptures on a bed made of ice (don’t worry, you get a super comfy mattress, a thermal sleeping bag and plenty of reindeer hides to keep you nice and toasty), as the room will sit between -5 and -8°C. The bathroom and dressing room is next door (in a warm building, don’t worry!), so you can have a steaming shower or even treat yourselves to a bit of time in the sauna. We can organise lots of activities for you while you’re here, such as cross-country skiing, a reindeer meet-and-greet or horse riding. This evening, enjoy the five-course ‘ice menu’ at the Icehotel's main restaurant: the dishes served are all inspired by the flavours of northern Sweden.



Today you will make the journey through Lapland to Boden. First, you will be transferred about 15 minutes from Icehotel to the train station, where you will catch the local train to Kiruna. On arrival at Kiruna train station, catch another train that’ll take three-and-a-half hours to wind its way gently through the enchanting landscapes of Swedish Lapland. Keep an eye out for moose, arctic hares and, of course, the Northern Lights, on your way. On arrival at Lulea station, you will be met by your driver and transferred to the Treehotel (about an hour away), where you will spend the next couple of nights. The amazingly designed rooms at the Treehotel include The Cabin, UFO, Mirrorcube, Blue Cone, Bird's Nest, Dragonfly, The 7th Room and Biosphere. All are comfortable and offer a thoroughly memorable experience. Tuck into a delicious three-course dinner at the hotel, all the while keeping your eyes peeled for the Northern Lights dancing across the dark night sky.



This morning you’ll get to enjoy a cultural experience with the local Sami people. After rubbing your eyes and realising that you have actually woken up in a UFO, Bird's Nest or a Mirrorcube, head to breakfast and fuel up for your day of foraging. Eva Gunnare is a culture guide, food connoisseur and specialist in local wild herbs and berries, and today she will be taking you foraging. You’ll wind your way through pine and birch forest to the meadows surrounding the hotel, tasting the flavours of nature as you go. Learn about the traditional ways of using the plants and then a special fika (coffee) will be served with the treats that Eva has made using her foraged treasures. Having lived with reindeer herders for many years, she knows Swedish traditions inside and out. Tuck into a delicious five-course tasting menu made using fresh, locally foraged ingredients. As you head back to the Treehotel, pause at the Arctic Circle Monument which serves as a reminder of exactly how far north you are in the world. During your stay, we can also organise a pine tree forest walk or a full-day hike in Korgen Nature Reserve.



Today it is time to leave this otherworldly place behind. After breakfast you will be transferred to Lulea airport, which will take around an hour. From Lulea, a short connection in Stockholm will bring you back to the UK with all kinds of holiday memories and a memory card full of reminders of your fantastic experience in Swedish Lapland.

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The cost for this trip starts from £3,215 per person. The final cost of the trip depends on the way we tailor it especially for you. The final cost varies according to several factors, which include the level of service, length of trip and advance booking time. The exact price will be provided on your personalised quote. The average starting price for this trip is £3,695 per person.
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